For ABLV/PNB Bank clients

Where and how to apply for state-guaranteed compensation?

If you are a Citadele client and use Citadele online bank

Submit a free-form request on Citadele’s online bank
Write a free-form request on Citadele’s online bank requesting transfer of state-guaranteed compensation to your account at Citadele or at any other bank, credit institution of finance institution to which you would like to have your compensation sent.

If you wish to transfer your state-guaranteed compensation to “ABLV Bank” in order to meet your credit obligations in “ABLV Bank,” please write a free-form request on Citadele’s internet bank.

If you are not a Citadele client and you do not have Citadele online bank

You can apply to receive guaranteed compensation at our “Citadele” branch in Riga, Republikas laukums 2A, after first booking an appointment at the bank:

We would like to inform you that, for the purpose of receiving guaranteed compensation, international clients are unable to open a new account.

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