Discount on monthly card fee

When you apply for an X hero, the first 6 months of use are free.

The 100% discount on the monthly card fee for your main card is applied from the 1st of the month following your main card being issued.

When you actively use your X hero (X Card), you can receive a 50% or 100% discount on your monthly main card fee.

Total amount spent on main and additional cards within first six months of use*: Discount on monthly main card fee for the following 6 (six) months from six moths after the card is issued:
3 000 EUR (inclusive) 100% discount on monthly fee for main card
2 000 EUR (inclusive) 50% discount on monthly fee for main card

Example: if your card was issued in April 2018, the period of 6 full months ends on October 31st, 2018. If, during this time, the amount spent with the X hero is 3,161.12 EUR, the X herowill not have a monthly fee from November 2018.

For more information on the monthly fee for a card, see the Price List.

*A half year of card usage is counted as each 6 month period from the 1st of the month after the card is issued.

The bank reserves the right to change the terms and purchase amount criteria every six months.

You can receive information on your card usage within a period of a year by calling our free 24 hour information line at +37167010000.