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Why do we care?

The carbon emissions calculations of the leasing contracts are provided by the non-profit Compensate. The calculation takes into account the most precise data available for your leasing contract: the emission factor of your vehicle (called the WLTP-value), the vehicle type (e.g. electric or gasoline) and the number of kilometers driven. If a parameter is unknown, a conservative assumption is used instead.

All the emissions caused by driving your vehicle are taken into consideration: the impact of producing the fuel or electricity consumed by the vehicle (“Well-to-Tank” emissions), the impact of consuming the fuel or electricity (“Tank-to-Wheel” emissions) and the impact of manufacturing the vehicle. Read more.

Mobility is an important contributor to the carbon footprint of individuals, and there are multiple ways to make it more sustainable:


  • Choose a less polluting vehicle and enjoy even better financing conditions provided by Citadele Leasing (Read more)
  • Drive less: use (electric) bicycles and public transportation whenever possible, carpool with friends instead of driving alone and plan ahead for smarter routes
  • Drive wise: drive efficiently – go easy on the gas pedal and brakes
  • Offset the emissions of your car lease

In order to limit global warming to the critical threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius and keep the planet livable for future generations, all of us have to shrink our individual carbon footprints to 2 500 kg CO2 by 2030. Interested in knowing your current total carbon footprint? Download the Compensate application available on iOS and Android and complete the lifestyle questionnaire - it’s free!

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