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How can we help with loans and leasing?

How can we help with mortgage loan?

How do I fill in a mortgage application?

To find out the amount you can borrow, visit our website under Loans and leasing > Mortgage loan to fill in the mortgage loan calculator and find out how much you could receive as a loan. 
To fill in a mortgage loan application, select Apply for a loan and log in with one of our authorisation tools.
Fill in the necessary fields on the application and enter your personal information and any current loans. If you meet the criteria for any Altum programme, the offer we send you will automatically contain an Altum offer.

After submitting an application, a notification will show up on screen telling you that your application is being processed and a provisional offer is being prepared. You will also receive this message by email.

If you do not have any of the aforementioned authorisation devices, and you cannot submit an application electronically, please visit any Citadele branch  and fill in a mortgage application in person. In this case, please remember that your account statement showing your income for the past six months must be saved in your private email drafts. During the meeting, you will email it to a Citadele service specialist.

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