Possibility to report prohibited activities

The AS Citadele banka and its group companies, hereafter referred to as “Citadele Group”, does not tolerate any kind of prohibited conduct and expects a similar attitude and conduct from its clients and business partners.

Any suspicion of prohibited conduct must be reported promptly to Citadele Group. If determined relevant, it shall be investigated thoroughly and fairly. Those who have been found to be engaged in Prohibited Conduct shall face such liability as specified in documents establishing transaction relations with the respective Client or Service Provider, as well as under applicable law. Appropriate legal steps may be taken to recover misapplied funds as well as to terminate the business relationship with the party involved in the prohibited conduct.

The Citadele Group shall also assist and support the investigations and prosecutions of the competent authorities.

If you have observed or been informed of persons engaged in prohibited activities, please report it to us.

Describe the facts, events and people involved. This report will be sent to the Head of Compliance Department of Citadele. Please include your name and contact details (email address, postal address or phone number) in your report.

We promise you that any information will be reviewed and there will be no repercussions for you.

You can also choose to report anonymously. In such case please be aware that we will not be able to contact you, so please make sure that the report contains sufficient information to allow us to review it.