Pay with a ring or a wristband

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  • Super-fast paymentsBeep and go!
  • Secure paymentsConfirm larger sums using your PIN code
  • Nothing else neededLeave your wallet and your phone at home

Say “Yes!” to payments with a ring!

It is a convenient, stylish accessory which you can use to pay in the same way as a contactless card.

Ring for your freedom of payments

  • The payment ring is linked to your card account. Amounts of up to 50 EUR will not require a PIN code
  • The ring is made of hard wearing ceramic material which protects it from scratches and water damage, meaning you can play sports, wash your hands and swim without worrying. Choose which one you like best: black&white, blue, black or white
  • Manage your ring easily using the Citadele mobile app: change its PIN code, keep up with expenditures, as well as block or unblock the ring if needed
  • To apply for the ring, you must be an X card holder and a member of the X REWARDS program. Application and more information in X REWARDS program page
  • Fee for ring use: 3 EUR per month

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Wristband and sticker for contactless payment

You can tap your wristband and sticker just like a contactless card.

  • If you don’t want to take your wallet or phone, you can use a contactless wristband. It’s linked to your card, and you pay in exactly the same way—by tapping it on the card reader. The wristband is hard-wearing, so you can even wear it when you play sports or go swimming.
  • Meanwhile, you can stick the sticker wherever you want—on your trusty old non-smart phone, student ID or any other important item with a smooth surface
  • The limit for wristband and sticker payments is the same as for your card—you can spend up to 50 EUR without entering your PIN.
  • Both the sticker and wristband cost 50 cents per month. You can receive them at any of our branches, making sure you bring your passport or ID card. The sticker or wristband will act as an additional card for your account.