Bring a friend!

Bring a friend and you can both enjoy the benefits of the X smart card free of charge for 12 months - you and your friend!

If you wish to recommend an X smart card:

  • Tell your friends, family and acquaintances about the X smart card and give them an promo code.
  • You will receive your unique promo code via SMS, at a branch or by calling 67010000. You can use it for an unlimited number of friends.
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS as soon as your friend has received their X smart card using your promo code. You will both continue to use your X smart cardfor the next 12 months with no monthly fee.

If you want to apply for an X smart card

  • Submit an application for X smart card using Citadele mobile app or on the website. We will contact you to enquire about promo code. You can use your code only once.
  • Get your X smart card in mail by submitting an application in Citadele app. If you apply on the website, you will have to schedule an appointment at branch by calling 67010000 to pick up your X smart card.
  • Use X smart for the next 12 months with no monthly fee.
  • Only new Citadele clients can receive the discount.

Apply on the website

General terms:

  • Discounts on the monthly card fee cannot be combined.
  • Citadele reserves the rights to change the terms of the offer.
  • The Bring a Friend! offer cannot be combined with other Bank offers.