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  • For clients of different banksApply even if you are not a Citadele client
  • Quick answerReceive a reply with your individually-calculated loan offer within minutes
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What is a credit rating?

A credit rating is a tool for receiving your own individual loan offer. It calculates your maximum loan sum, interest rate and repayment deadline. It is calculated from a range of different factors.

  • Find out your credit rating. A few minutes after filling out an application, you will receive individually-calculated information on the maximum loan amount and interest rate available to you, as well as available loan offers.
  • See bank offers. Responsibly consider how much of a loan you can count on from the bank, how big your monthly loan payment will be, and whether it would be easy for you to repay, as well as the total amount you would have to repay.
  • Choose your best fit. If one of our loan offers interests you, you can apply easily through our mobile app, online bank or at any branch. If you choose a consumer loan, after processing the application, you will receive the money in your account within a few minutes. For mortgage loans and other larger loans, a knowledgeable bank specialist will work with you to help you complete the transaction as quickly and simply as possible.

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