The only payment card with incorporated e-ticket

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Pay for trips on Riga public transport with a Citadele payment card

  • When entering Riga public transport (buses, trams, trolleybuses and minibuses), you must apply the card with e-ticket to the electronic validator.
  • The trip is registered and the passenger has paid for the trip.
  • The price for the trip will be withdrawn from the account of the payment card on the next day.
  • Number of trips and amounts will be available in the account statement on Citadele Online Banking.

Ticket prices

  • In accordance with the price list of “Rīgas Satiksme”, the price for one trip shall be 1.15 EUR.
  • Once the sum of trips reaches the sum of a monthly ticket (30, 35, 40, 50), the price for trips will not be withdrawn until the end of the current month.
  • If the number of trips reaches 10, 20 or 50, "Rīgas satiksme" discount will be applied.
  • Personal discounts (for pensioners, students and other discount recipients) shall not be applied when using the payment card with e-ticket.

E-ticket usage instructions

  • A valid Citadele payment card with e-ticket and positive account balance shall be required in order to settle accounts for trips.
  • If there are insufficient available funds in the account, you will receive an informative SMS message with a request to supplement the account.
  • If the account is not supplemented, the e-ticket's operation will be suspended.
  • Once the account is supplemented, the e-ticket's operation will be renewed. However, it will only be possible to pay for trips on Riga public transport after 72 hours.

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Become our client, in order to receive the card. If you are already our client, please apply for the card in Citadele Online Banking or by filling out the application form.