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How can we help with authorization device MobilleSCAN?

The monthly payment (transaction) limit has been exceeded

If, when making transfers using the online bank, you see a warning that your monthly limit has been exceeded, first check what payment limits your authorisation devices have.

To check the payment limits on your authorisation devices (code cards, code calculator or MobileSCAN), log in to the online bank.

After logging in, select Transaction Limits on the left-hand side of the start page.
In this section, you will see all your online banking authorisation devices and their limits, both for a single payment and the total daily limit.

Bear in mind that payment limits include all payments made, including those which were not processed.
If the amount you would like to transfer is larger than the limit for your authorisation device (code card, code calculator or MobileSCAN), you can split the payment into parts, as each device has its own limit. 

If, however, you cannot split the payment, look into the option of remotely increasing your transfer limits for your MobileSCAN authorisation device. More about MobileSCAN activation and limit increase.

If you use one authorisation device to access online banking for several customers, your device limit applies for all customers together.

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