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How can we help you with Online Banking?

What authorization device are you using to access Online bank?

Is this the first time you want to connect to Online Banking?

Do you know username of your Online Banking?

Where can I find my username for online banking?

You created your username for the Online Bank when you submitted the application called “Application to Activate the Citadele Online Bank”. You can find your online banking username in this application under “Authorisation tool type”.

If you became a Citadele client remotely, you will find your username for the Online Bank in the application called “Confirmation of Receiving Services”, which you signed in the presence of a courier. If you became a client on the app and received your card by mail, you received your username by text to the phone number you indicated.

If you cannot find the application which contains your online banking username, you will have to visit a Citadele branch and bring a form of ID (passport or ID card).

If you have access to the Citadele app, log in to it, click on the My Profile icon, there will be your Online banking username.

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