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How can we help with operations in ATM?

Problems with your PIN at an ATM

If you are at an ATM, but are not sure whether you remember your PIN, you can do the following: 
1) change your PIN code in the mobile app, even if you don’t remember the old one. 
How to change your card’s PIN code in the mobile app 
How to install the bank’s mobile app

2) you have 3 attempts to remember your PIN at the ATM.
After the first 2 incorrect attempts, the ATM will display the following message: Incorrect PIN code. Try again? 

If, on the third try, you remember the correct PIN, you can unblock your card and continue using it.

After the third incorrect PIN attempt at an ATM, your card will be blocked. 

There are 3 ways of unblocking your PIN code:

  1. in the mobile app, under Cards, select the relevant card and press Unblock Card. You can now try entering your PIN code again at the ATM. 
  2. the online bank
  3. by calling 67010000


If you still cannot remember your PIN code, and you cannot change it in the app, you must order a new card. 
The PIN code for your ring can only be changed in the app.
The PIN for your sticker and wristband is issued by the branch when you pick up the sticker or wristband. It can be changed in the app.
Bear in mind that only the card holder can change the PIN, as only they are allowed to know the code. 

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