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How can we help with operations in ATM?

Most frequent issues with ATMs

The ATM displays one of the following on screen, or the ATM is discovered to have a technical issue:

  • the ATM screen remains black and does not react for a while;
  • the ATM displays a message (see image) that it is completing a data request, and does not react for a while.

In this situation, no money has been taken from your account. You can check this by viewing your account statement in the online bank or mobile app.

Use the Citadele app, the "Branches and ATMs" section, to see the nearest ATM. The application indicates ATMs by groups - Cash in/out, as well as if it has technical limitations, then it will have a "!" sign.

If the ATM won’t return your card:

  • replace your card via the online bank, and your card will automatically be blocked;
  • if online banking is currently not available, first block the card in the app before replacing it in the online bank when you can. To block a card that is stuck in an ATM, go to your app under Cards, select the card and click Block Card.
  • if you cannot complete the previously described actions, please contact the bank on 6701 0000 to block your card and apply for a new one.

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