How do I comply with sanctions?

We would like to emphasise that UN, EU and national sanctions are binding for all persons, both legal and private, regardless of the economic or other activities they undertake.  

We invite customers involved in commerce to find out the sanction risks relevant to their area of business, and to develop effective internal controls for adhering to sanctions once these risks have been identified, for example, checking for business partners in sanctions lists.  

Internal control measures should be tailored to the specifics of the company’s operations, the geographical location of the services they provide, and their business partners and customers. The type, frequency and scope of the checks may differ, bearing in mind the company’s size, area of operations and the risks they identify.  

Bear in mind that sanctions may not only be applied to specific legal and private individuals, but also to a country or territory, as well as to certain types of goods or services (so-called sectoral sanctions).  

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