Information for clients on war in Ukraine

What will happen to my funds in Citadele, if we are affected by the threat?

Citadele works as usual, and for clients there is no cause for concern. We work closely with public officials and international partners and each Baltic country has its contingency plan which is coordinated with the banks on specific topics. Additionally, all banks are also working closely with the Central bank and local FSA to have full coordination and secure the financial system and its contingency. Given the geopolitical circumstances, we recommend our clients to be particularly critical of any information you receive and to rely solely on reliable sources, to avoid provocations and disinformation.

Citadele has a well prepared and tested contingency plan where we ensure that every customer information, funds, and financial services provided by the bank are safeguarded. You as a customer can rely on our professionality, where protecting our clients’ funds and supporting the financial system are our highest priorities. In addition, a customer protection system has been established in EU for each country. If deposits cannot be paid by a credit institution, it shall be carried out by the local Deposit Guarantee Fund up to EUR 100 000 per depositor (this applies to both deposits and current account balances, salary accounts, savings accounts, etc.).

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