Citadele Business portal

What should I do if I can’t access the Business Portal?

If you are an employee representing the business and you are unable to log into the Business Portal using online banking, take the following steps: 

  • Check in your online banking agreement or with the authorised representative whether you have the right to access the business account and third-party sites. The Business Portal can only be accessed by users whom the business has authorised to log into third-party sites and online banking in their own name; 
  • The business owner and/or authorised representative must submit a free-form order through the online bank stating which user requires the relevant rights to log in on behalf of the business to third-party and online banking sites;
  • If the first two steps have been completed and you still cannot access the Business Portal, please take a screenshot of the authorisation session and contact our customer service team.

If you are a private customer undertaking economic activity (self-employed) and you cannot log in, submit a free-form order through online banking informing us of your employment status and your desire to access the Business Portal by logging in through online banking.

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