Citadele Business portal

What is the Business Portal?

The Business Portal is a digital tool we have created for business owners (including self-employed people, service providers and retailers who use POS and e-commerce systems) to help oversee and analyse customer transactions more effectively. 
In the Citadele Business Portal, you can: 

  • Oversee, analyse and manage your primary business processes using figures from your bank account, e-commerce and POS transactions; 
  • Create detailed transaction reports; 
  • Use our e-invoice service, optimising invoice processing, tracking and archiving; 
  • Integrate various online payment methods into your e-invoices (such as KLIX, DIGILINK, MULTILINK) so that your customers can pay their invoices quicker and more easily; 
  • Make full or partial refund of online card transactions

More information on the opportunities you can access through the Business Portal here.

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