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What documents I will need to open an account in person?

When you go to the face-to-face meeting, don't forget to take your ID with you and study or working agreement. During the visit to the branch it will be necessary to fill out the Customer's questionnaire. In addition, we may ask you to submit the following information:

  1. Tax declaration for the last 2 years in your country of tax residence;
  2. A complete account statement for at least the last 12 months, indicating the source of income, from all banks in which you have funds;
  3. VSAA certificate (which contains information about the granted pension, benefit or remuneration);
  4. notarized proof of inheritance;
  5. notarized proof of donation;
  6. rent or sale of real estate/documents proving ownership;
  7. other confirmation about the origin of income according to the source of origin income.

We offer services at our branches by previous appointment.

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