Citadele Mobile Application

What do I do if I transfer or reinstall my app to a new smart device?

When you purchase a new smart device, you need to download the Citadele mobile app to your new phone from the AppStore or Google Play.  If the app is “transferred” from your previous phone (many phone manufacturers offer this option) or reloaded from your previous phone using a back-up function, many of the standard app functions won’t work completely (TouchID/FaceID, notifications, loans, etc.). Therefore, even if the app has been transferred, you should delete and reinstall it from the AppStore or Google Play. 

Citadele app is supported on Apple iOS from version 16.0, Android from version 9.0. If you have a smartphone which does not support Google Play (such as Huawei P40), you will be unable to use the Citadele app and its benefits.

When you re-download the app, must log in using your online banking username and password, before reactivating MobileSCAN, the use of biometrics, notifications and other functions—these will only work for the app in which they have been activated. See more about mobile app features here.

Bear in mind that, if you reinstall the MobileSCAN tool to your app, transaction limits will be 3000 EUR for one payment and 3000 EUR per day. If you wish to increase transaction limits, you must visit a branch in person (sign up for a branch visit here).

Important! The limit for one payment made in the mobile app is 10 000 EUR, regardless of other MobileSCAN limits.

If you have problem to access Citadele mobile app, if there are notification like "User not identified", "Incorrect username" or other, try to find solution here.

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