Can I drive outside of Latvia in a leased vehicle?

A car purchased with a lease can leave the Republic of Latvia.
To drive into the territory of any EU country (including the Baltics), you do not need an authorisation document from the leasing company.
You need authorisation to drive into CIS countries.
The fee for issuing a power of attorney is in the Price List. The document is free for those whose CASCO provider is CL Insurance Broker.

Terms for receiving the power pf attorney:

You must submit a valid CASCO policy which includes the countries whose borders you plan on crossing. If these countries are not included in your CASCO coverage, you must take out an additional CASCO policy to include the necessary countries for the relevant period of time. 

  • If your technical passport includes our old name — SIA “Unicredit Leasing” or SIA “Citadele līzings un faktorings” — then this must be changed to our current name. We will cover the CSDD costs for changing your technical passport. This applies only to CIS countries. You do not need to change the passport for driving to EU countries.
  • You may not have any missed leasing payments. 
  • You must submit a completed and signed Application form (LV).

Send the form and attachments to lizings@citadele.lv, and the document will be prepared within two business days. 

Bearing in mind the unstable situation in Ukraine and the possible threats of warfare, we will not be issuing power of attorney for driving to Russia, Belarus or Ukraine, even if these countries are included in your insurance coverage. Applies indefinitely.

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