What is the difference between operational leasing and financial leasing?

Financial leasing is a type of leasing during which the customer covers the entire value of the car with monthly payments, after which it becomes the owner of the car. During the leasing period, the customer fully covers the value of the car, as well as pays the calculated interest. Upon making the last monthly payment, the customer has paid for the leasing service to Citadele Leasing. The leasing company makes an electronic mark in the e-system of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate with regard to the transfer of ownership from the leasing company to the holder or customer. After making the mark, the customer is obliged to take possession of the car within 5 days, replacing the car’s technical passport.

Operational leasing is a long-term rent. During the leasing period, the customer pays the lease, which is formed as the difference between the purchase value of the car and the determined residual value. During the term of the agreement, the customer pays only a part of the price of the car, paying its depreciation or amortization value. In case of operational leasing, the car does not automatically become the property of the customer after the end of the leasing period. At the end of the agreement period, the customer can buy out the car for its residual value, transfer the buy-out right to a third party or return it to the seller (dealer).

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