How can another person purchase the leased object before the end of the lease agreement?

  1. You and the third party must write and sign a request to receive a final invoice, including the information that the invoice will be for a third party;
  2. You must email this electronically-signed request to lizings@citadele.lv, or submit the physically-signed original at a Citadele branch, in both cases including a copy of the third party’s passport/ID card;
  3. Within five business days, we will issue the final invoice (all active invoices must have been paid) and send it to the third party’s email address as listed in the request;
  4. After receiving payment, we will submit an electronic change of ownership notice to the CSDD database, confirming that ownership has passed to the third party;
  5. The third party will receive a confirmation email from the CSDD;
  6. The third party must re-register their ownership within five calendar days of receiving the confirmation email:

    – on e-CSDD, after logging in, under Vehicles > Receive a registration certificate. More information in CSDD homepage.
    – at any in-person CSDD customer service centre.

Please bear in mind that the leased object cannot be driven in traffic until it has been re-registered to the new owner, as the previous insurance will no longer be valid.

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