What is covered?

With commercial property insurance, you can insure buildings, rooms, equipment, machinery, goods and technological equipment.

Equipment can be insured against risks caused by:

  • Fire: fire; explosion; direct lightning strike; being hit by a piloted aircraft, part of such aircraft, or cargo; damage caused by smoke, soot or extinguishing equipment.
  • Plumbing emergencies: heating, waste, water system and similar system emergencies; losses to the insured object caused by frost; third-party action or inaction resulting in water or steam leakage.
  • Natural disasters: storm; hail; flood; heavy snow; earthquake.
  • Illegal third-party activity: theft with break-in; robbery; vandalism; collision with vehicle; graffiti. 
  • Electrical issues: direct physical damage or destruction caused by a short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage or other electrical fault.

Please read the full terms and conditions and quote for your policy to see your personal coverage.

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