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Bring a friend

How to receive discount in "Bring a friend" promotion?

If you already have an C card - bring a friend! Tell them about benefits on the C card and give him a promo code, which can be obtained by contacting our support team through chat in the mobile app, in the branch or by calling 67010 0000. After your friend receives their new card, you both will enjoy the benefits of the C card free of charge for 6 months. This promo code can be used multiple times. The maximum discount period you can receive when bringing friends is 24 months. Learn more about "Bring a friend" campaign.

How to use "Bring a friend" campaign promo code?

If you want to become a new customer of Bank Citadele and order an C card, ask your friends for their promo code first. If you apply in Citadele’s mobile app, you can send us the promo code in its chat after submitting your application. You can also mention the promo code in the call from the bank about your application status.

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