Authorization devices

What is MobileSCAN?

MobileSCAN is an authorisation device that is integrated into Citadele mobile application to conveniently and safely connect to online banking or mobile application, confirm payments and sign documents.

  • It will always be at hand with your phone. MobileSCAN is unrivalled for connecting to Citadele mobile application or online banking to confirm payments.
  • Authorize it with a 5-digit MobileSCAN code, FaceID or a fingerprint.
  • MobileSCAN is free of charge to connect and use.
  • When attempting to sign into various service websites ( and others) with your online banking, MobileSCAN connection will let you do it unbelievably easy - just one tap.
  • Increase your payment limits at a Citadele branch office or connect MobileSCAN with a code calculator.
  • MobileSCAN works with all modern smartphones and tablets (Apple iOS version 16 and later and Android version 7.0 and later).

To activate and use MobileSCAN daily it is necessary to download Citadele mobile application on your mobile device from Apple Store (iOS) or Google play (Android) and activate MobileSCAN in your online banking or any Citadele branch office throughout Latvia.

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