Creating invoices that can be paid online

Now you can generate invoices in the Business Portal and allow customers to pay them conveniently online. This invoice system is suitable for:

  • Retailers
  • Service providers
  • Online retailers

When you create invoices in the Citadele Business Portal, you gain

  • a simple system without the need to create your own website or integrate any technology
  • an unlimited number of invoices to be issued and securely saved
  • faster invoice payment from your customers and the ability to see whether the customer has opened the invoice
  • faster order processing: as soon as the payment status has been received
  • the opportunity to review all invoice payment statuses in one place, in any place or time from your smart device
  • an automated tool which allows you to send out regular monthly invoices

Starting is easy

To start using the service:

  1. You can open an account completely remotely
  2. Apply for the service
  3. Sign an agreement and await confirmation that the service has been activated
  4. Log in to the Business Portal using your Citadele online banking login at
  5. You can start generating and issuing invoices

Watch a video on how to create an invoice

Not just simple, but also great value

  • Creating and saving invoices in the Business Portal is free
  • If the customer chooses to pay the invoice by transfer, your business is not charged
  • Transaction processing fees are only applied to successful online transactions in accordance with the Price List
  • You will receive your money on the same or the next day, depending on what type of payment the customer selects

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The customer can choose the invoice payment method most convenient to them

  • Payment through online banking using Multilink
  • Payment by card
  • Buy now, pay later with the option of delaying payment or splitting it into smaller payments

Use the Citadele Business Portal for free every day

  • Oversee your business figures every day on your computer or mobile device
  • Conveniently apply for e-commerce payment integration or a POS terminal
  • See payments for all your retail locations in one place
  • Quickly generate and receive the financial reports and overviews you need

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Citadele’s e-commerce tool with no subscription fee

With one integration, receive the most popular payment methods and allow your customers to pay how they want: by card, online bank, or buy now, pay later.

Setup and registration free
Monthly subscription free
Payment processing: Citadele and other banks’ (SEB, Swedbank, Luminor) online bank payments 1.3%, min. €0.10

If your online turnover exceeds €5,000 per month, we suggest you apply for a personalised price offer.

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