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What kind of activity do you want to do with standard payments?

In which channel do you want to make a payment?

What type of payment do you want to make in Mobile App?

How do I pay a bill using a bank template in the mobile app?

To pay a bill from a template, after opening the app, 

you will be asked to log in with your authorisation device.

After you log in successfully, you will automatically view a screen which shows your account balances.

To access the screen from which you can make a payment from a template, you must select Pay at the bottom of the screen. Here, you can make a payment from your templates. You will also see the last recipients of your previous transfers. When you select the search tool at the top of the screen, you will also see all the bank’s templates.

When you open the template you need, check the information in the template and enter the missing information.

You will have to sign the payment using a code from your authorisation device (for example, signing the payment with your MobileSCAN PIN).

On this screen, you can check whether the payment has been submitted to the Bank.

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