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How can we help with authorization device MobilleSCAN?

How do I reinstate MobileSCAN notifications for authorisation?

To reinstate MobileSCAN notifications, log in to the mobile app. Click on More, then find and click on the MobileSCAN icon. 

In the upper right-hand corner is a cog icon. When you click on this, all your MobileSCAN devices will be shown. 

Find your device and select it, then select Reinstate notifications. 

What do MobileSCAN push notifications look like?

These notifications look just like other Citadele notifications, but when you click on them, you will be taken to the Citadele app.

In the Citadele app, you will have to confirm this request by entering the 5-digit MobileSCAN code, or biometric such as your finger print. 

After you successfully confirm, you will see that you can continue on.






How do I know if I am receiving MobileSCAN push notifications? 

You receive these notifications when you need to authorise and confirm that it is really you, for example, when you log in to the online bank. When you enter your username, we will send a MobileSCAN notification to your smart device which, when you open it, you can use to confirm your identity by entering your MobileSCAN code.

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