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Payment in Chinese Yuan

International payments in Chinese Yuan (CNY) can only be made from a legal person’s account, and the recipient must also be a legal person. 

To process a payment, open Payments in the online bank and select New Payment.      

When you open New Payment, you will be asked to fill in the same information as for a SEPA payment. 
To process a payment in a different currency, select the required currency in the window next to the payment sum. 

To ensure that your CNY payment is processed successfully, you must fill in the following compulsory information:

– Recipient bank, address and branch name
– The recipient bank (branch) BIC (SWIFT) code
– For example: SWIFT BKCHCNBJ
– The recipient’s full name and address 
– Payment details: Economic activity category code and payment purpose

For example: /GOD/ payment for boots, invoice nr. 1/55, contract no.12/78

After entering all the necessary information, you must sign and submit the application. Click Next and confirm the payment using your authorisation tool. You can always check your payment status under Payment History. If necessary, you can also save the payment as a PDF under Payment History.     

Information on payment commission fees can be found in the Price List.

If you can not access the Online banking, eg wrong username, password, please take a look in flow Disruptions to access the Online banking.

See instruction, how to find out the payment limits for your authorization device (code card, code calculator or MobileSCAN).

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