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Apple Pay

To activate Apple Pay payments, open the Citadele app, select the card for which you wish to activate contactless phone payments, and press Add Apple Wallet under the card

If you also have a watch, then at this point you must select which device you wish to activate this function for. 

This screen will not appear if: 
1) You only have a phone. 
2) You have already added this card to your phone or watch, and you are adding it to the other device.

If you chose to activate contactless payments on your phone. 

If you chose to activate contactless payments on your watch. 


Read the terms and conditions and select Agree

Select how you wish to confirm your choice: 
1) SMS sent to your mobile phone
2) by contacting Citadele.

Enter the code you receive by text.

If your message is sent to the same device or iPhone, rather than to a different phone, the information will be filled in automatically. 

You will receive a confirmation message that your card is ready for Apple Pay payments. 

Your card has been activated.

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