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Statements (references)

Standard statement types: 

  • on the existence of an account and/or the status of an account (account balance or available balance at the time the statement is requested or prepared);
  • on the existence and status (active/inactive) of cards associated with an account;
  • on the credit limit issued to an account at the time the statement is requested or prepared;
  • on the base capital paid into a newly-founded business account or business account;
  • on the expansion of base capital, showing the relevant cash deposits or the details of transfers to the account;
  • on loans issued in accordance with the following agreements: “Loan for private consumption,” “Agreement on the repayment of debts” or “Consumer loan agreement,” showing the unpaid balance at the time the statement is prepared.

Non-standard statements: 

  • stating that customer does not have consumer lending obligations;
  • on the address, documents and information registered in our information systems;
  • for auditors and inspectors, confirmation of auditors’ requests and reciprocal comparison acts;
  • on whether a specific person is a customer of the bank, whether they have a bank account and on what date it was opened;
  • reference with additional information, that are not mentioned above and requested by customeror customer’s representative, is considered as non-standard statement.

Fees for standard statements can be found in our General Services Price List. Select Additional services > Fees for issuing documents or for accepting and checking documents (e.g. - warrants). For non-standard statements, price is on request. When you apply for a statement through the online bank, we will confirm the commission fee for preparing the statement before submitting the request.
You can receive a statement:

  • In paper format at your chosen branch;
  • Through the online bank in electronically-signed PDF format.

How do I submit a statement request?

You can request a statement remotely through the online bank or by sending an email application signed with a secure electronic signature (e-paraksts).

  1. Log in to the online bank, go to Correspondence with bank, and select Free form Order to the bank
  2. In topic, provide, what type of statement you wish to receive
  3. Enter the necessary information in the order text - what info, for what period Statement should be provided
  4. Indicate the statement type (standard.or non-standard);
  5. Confirm in text, that you agree to pay the commission fee;
  6. Indicate the statement language;
  7. Indicate where you would like to receive the statement: through the online bank, or at your selected branch (in that case in text also indicate in which branch you would like to receive statement;
  8. Press Submit.

If you wish to submit your application by email, submit the above information (statement type, language, where you would like to receive your statement), sign using e-paraksts, and email to
Applications from legal entities are accepted if the application has been confirmed by the company’s authorised signatory in accordance with Lursoft data.
We prepare standard statements in 1-2 days, while non-standard statements can take up to 2 weeks.
This is a non-standard situation that the interactive assistant is unable to help with. Please contact us by calling 67010000. During the call, we will confirm your identity and that you are the owner of the account or card, and once we have seen your information in the bank system, we can give you more detailed information on how to act.


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