Types of transfers and terms execution of payments

Types or transfers:

  • Internal transfers - transfers between your own Citadele accounts, as well as between different Citadele clients throughout the Baltics
  • SEPA transfers - Euro transfers between the banks of the 28 EU member states whose recipient accounts have IBAN numbers. We fulfil SEPA transfers as standard payments
  • International payments - payments in international currency or Euro to banks located outside the European Union
  • Payments to phone number- possibility to send payments to telephone numbers of friends, relatives or colleagues, who are registered in Instant Links registry, held by the Bank of Latvia. Option is available in Mobile app, by selecting the Pay. Payment commission will be the same as when you make a transfer to bank account number
  • Instant payments are Euro transfers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year including bank holidays. Money will be in the recipient’s account within 10 seconds. Payment in EUR currency sent to the Bank that ir participant of SEPA Inst scheme. Complete list of SEPA Inst scheme participants is available here.
  • Regular payments - standing order ensures the transfer of a fixed amount to the account set by you at regular times
  • Regular payment of e-bills (ERRA) - when you activate regular e-bill payments, from then on bills will be paid by the bank with transfers from your account. Sum and regularity of payments is unlimited

Terms for submission and execution of payments.

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