Frequently asked questions about online banking

What do I do if the payment status is Executed?

To check the status of your payment in the online bank, go to Document History.

When you open Document History, you will see a list of the last documents submitted to the bank, including payments. To find out your payment status, click on the relevant payment, and the payment details will open on the right-hand side. The payment details include payment status and the time it was given. If a payment has been given the symbol with a green checkmark, it means that it has been executed.

Bear in mind that payment completion time depends on the type of transfer. If a payment is made as an instant payment, it will be completed within seconds. If a payment is made as a SEPA* payment, its completion time could be between 3 hours and 3 banking days, depending when the payment was initiated.

International payments may take up to two banking days.See detailed info, Terms for submission and execution of payments.

If you see that a payment has taken longer than the above times to complete, please contact the recipient bank and ask them to check the payment.

* A SEPA payment is a payment in EUR to a bank within the European Economic Area (see list of countries), and is sent to an IBAN. IBAN is an internationally recognised account number system which precisely identifies the recipient’s account. The length of an IBAN account number is different in every country. Latvian IBAN numbers are 21 characters long and begin with LV.

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