What steps do I have to take to obtain a lease?

  1. Fill in an application for your lease transaction to be processed
  2. Within one business day, we will prepare an indicative offer
  3. We will ask you to submit additional documents (such as the seller’s details, car valuation* etc.)
  4. The leasing department will decide on issuing financing and its terms
  5. The agreement and other documents are signed
  6. You will have to pay a deposit on the leased object in accordance with the leasing agreement
  7. You will have to reregister the leased object in the name of Citadele Leasing, and you will have to take out a CASCO insurance policy
  8. Once all documents are submitted, your financing will be disbursed
  9. Going forward, Citadele Leasing will send you an electronic leasing payment invoice by email every month (by the 15th of the month)

*A list of confirmed leasing valuers can be found on our website.

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