Protection of Personal data/Why are banks asking questions?

What kind of my personal data do you process, for what purposes and in which cases?

We process, for instance, the following sets of your personal data: your identification data, contact information, financial information; information relating to your professional activities; information relating to the use of our services and their relevance to your needs, etc.

We process the sets of your personal data for the specific purposes, for instance:

  • to provide the respective financial services to you, for instance, deposit services (including opening and maintenance of accounts, providing local and international payments, cash and non-cash transactions), issuing and maintenance of payment cards/credit cards; provide the Bank’s remote services, i.e. Online Banking, telephone banking, mobile application services;
  • to contact you and inform about any changes in our services;
  • to process the requests and complaints received from you;
  • to ensure supervision over contract performance;
  • to provide financial service offers to you, including personalised offers and other notifications.

We do this in one of the following cases:

  • to enter into and perform a contract in order to provide the respective service to you or,
  • for us to perform the legal obligation or,
  • based on your consent or,
  • to implement our or a third party legitimate interests.

You may find more detailed information in our Privacy Protection Rules.

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