What can I do to receive a better loan offer?

Payment discipline — prompt payment of loan payments and bills — is one of the most important factors when we evaluate creditworthiness. Even if you are a late payer, changing your habits and paying bills on time long term will improve your credit score. Your creditworthiness will also be improved by settling any outstanding late payments. If you have any outstanding payments recorded in a debt collection database, it is important that, at the time we investigate your creditworthiness, these debts have been cleared. We cannot approve a loan for anyone with an active debt in collections.

An important aspect is a stable and regular income, and this must be an official income. Several years at a permanent job can improve your loan offer, but we will be able to make you an offer once you have cleared your probation period. If you are still on probation, it is better to wait a while and not apply for any loans yet.

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