Payment cards

You have received a new card with your new account

  • After receiving your application, your card will be sent within 3 business days to the address you provided
  • You will receive an envelope with your PIN code 2 days later (for security reasons, this is not sent in the same envelope as your new card). 

Once you receive your card, you must activate it. You should do this in the online bank or mobile app. Read more on how to activate your card at Card Activation.
Remember that you can create a new PIN code in the Citadele app without waiting for your PIN envelope.

If, however, you wish to use the PIN generated by the bank, you will find it in your PIN envelope (see image).

For greater convenience, we recommend using the Citadele app to adapt your card settings to your needs: contactless payments, online payments and card limits. More on the app’s functions here.


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