Payment cards

How do I apply for an X smart card?

Up to 18 years. You can open an X smart card account with one of your parents or guardians at any bank branch.
Remember to bring: the parent or guardian’s passport or ID card, the child’s birth certificate or the child’s passport / ID card. Young people from the age of 15 must have a passport or ID card, as well as birth certificate, if there is no entered child’s information in the parents’ passport.

From 16 years with a regular income: scholarship or work wages. You can apply for an X smart card without the presence of a parent or guardian at a branch.
Remember to bring: a passport or ID card and a work contract or statement from an educational institution confirming a scholarship.

From 18 years. You can become a client and apply for an X smart card in the Citadele app or your nearest branch.

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