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Are there limits on cash withdrawals from ATMs?

You can withdraw up to 750 EUR in cash per month from any ATM, even abroad, with no commission fee. Exceeding this amount, a commission fee will be applied - at Citadele ATMs 1 % of the withdrawn sum and at ATMs of other banks 2 % of the withdrawn sum (minimum 3.50 EUR).
! Pay attention to ATM warning messages. If the screen has a notification about a commission fee, this will be taken by the bank or organisation who owns that ATM. The commission fee discount only applies to fees set by Citadele.

What will the fee be if I withdraw more than 750 EUR per month from an ATM?

The commission fee at Citadele ATMs in Latvia is 1 % of the withdrawal sum. At other ATMs worldwide, the fee is 2 % olf the withdrawal sum. Minimum commission - 3.50 EUR.

Can I withdraw cash in a different currency?

Yes, of course. If you withdraw cash in a different currency, the fee for currency conversion will be in accordance with the Price list.

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