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How do I use SMS banking?

After signing an SMS banking agreement in the online bank, by phone or at a branch, you must first activate the service: send ON XXXX by text to (+371) 29 300 300, replacing XXX with the four-digit activation code in the agreement you sign.

Once Citadele SMS banking has been activated, if necessary, you can change your SMS banking settings in the online bank, setting:

  • which transactions (incoming and/or outgoing) or card transactions you wish to be notified about by SMS,
  • for what sums,
  • whether you wish to send requests by SMS for your account/card balance,
  • If you wish for messages about transactions to always be included in the account/card balance.
BAL Balance in all accounts linked by the client 
BAL XXXXXX Balance in accounts containing the digits XXXXXX. For example, BAL 123456
BAL ACCOUNT_NUMBER CURRENCY Balance in a specific account and in a specific currency. For example: BAL LV95PARX1234567890123 EUR
CARDBAL Available balance for all cards
CARDBAL CARD_NUMBER Available balance on a specific card, using the full card number or just the final 4 digits of the card number. For example: CARDBAL 7896 
OFF Temporarily disable SMS banking
OFF XXXXXX Example: OFF 123456 Temporarily disable SMS banking for account containing the following digits XXXXXX
INFO or I Receive Citadele Bank’s contact details
HELP or ? Receive information about SMS banking commands


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