Authorization devices

How do I change my MobileSCAN 5-digit PIN code?

Log on to the Citadele app using MobileSCAN. Go to More > Settings > Change PIN code. 

Follow the instructions that appear in the app 

1. Enter your existing MobileSCAN code.
2. Enter your new MobileSCAN code. 
3. Enter your new MobileSCAN code again.

Your MobileSCAN code has been changed. 

If you get error "Something went wrong" when entering your MobileSCAN code, you will need to delete and reinstall the application from the AppStore and reactivate MobileSCAN. See here, How do you reactivate MobileSCAN in the app if I have previously already used MobileSCAN?

Note that the transaction limits for MobileSCAN activated in this way will be 3000 EUR. You may also find the following information useful - How can I increase my MobileSCAN limits without visiting a branch in person?

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