Authorization devices

What are unsafe devices?

Citadele mobile application performs a security level check when activating MobileSCAN. The security level may be affected by device manufacturer, actions performed with the device, downloaded applications and many other factors.

The security level of the mobile device can be viewed in online banking section Mobile Services. If an orange circle appears next to the device, the devices is unsafe. If it is green, then the device is safe.

The safety level of the mobile device can also be viewed in the home screen of the mobile application (before signing in), by pressing the button MobileSCAN (a notice will appear “Your device is potentially unsafe”) or by pressing the button Purchases with Phone (a notice will appear “Your device is unsafe”).

MobileSCAN payment limits with an unsafe device are 3000 EUR for single payments and 3000 EUR per day. These limits apply also to payments made with Touch ID or Face ID.

Payment limits

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