Transactions in ATMs

Using Citadele payment cards

We maintain a wide network of ATMs in Latvia that can be used for depositing and withdrawing cash as well as making routine transactions using Citadele Mastercard debit card and X cards.

  • You may deposit and withdraw cash in EUR (according to the Price list).
  • You can view and print out the available balance of your card account.
  • You can change the PIN code of your card without charge.
  • You can unblock the PIN code of your card without charge if it has been blocked when purchasing something in a shop.
  • You can pay invoices of LMT, Lattelecom, Tele2, BITE, Latvijas Gāze, Latvenergo and make giro payments without an additional commission fee.

Operations in Citadele withdrawal ATMs:

  • You can withdraw cash (in EUR) up to 3000 EUR within a 24 hour period depending on your payment card type.
  • The minimum nominal value for withdrawal is 10 EUR.

Operations in Citadele depositing ATMs:

  • You can deposit money in EUR.
  • You can deposit money without limitation within a 24 hour period.Up to 120 banknotes can be placed in an ATM simultaneously.
  • Banknotes of different nominal values can be deposited simultaneously.

If the card that, you would like to replenish, does not use EUR as currency, the deposited amount in EUR will be converted to the card currency at the exchange rate in effect on that day.

When depositing money in an ATM, it is important to remember that banknotes must be flat, neatly arranged, and without foreign objects (labels, clips, sticky notes, etc.). Otherwise, the  ATM will not accept the banknotes.

Price list