Other Services

Effective since 01.04.2024

Other Services
Service Fee
Commission fee for processing and verification of the received document1 10 EUR per page (min. 20 EUR)
Preparation of an account statement at the bank's branch 10 EUR per month (min. 20 EUR)
Preparation of standard reference4 20 EUR (VAT included)
Preparation of non-standard reference, references for auditors, confirmation of auditor requests3 Individually (min. 55 EUR (VAT included))
Additional fee for preparation of the documents in English or Russian 10 EUR (VAT included)
Maintenance of current account for companies subject to enhanced due dilligence (electronic money institutions, payment institutions,banks, providers of lending services and other financial sector companies, etc) Individually
Verification of company documents upon account opening, for companies subject to enhanced due diligence2 Individually (min. 100 EUR)
Cash and POS operations’ daily or monthly limit increase above limit set in Pricelist, for one payment card 7 EUR or equivalent which is deducted from customer’s account upon receipt of customer’s application and limit increase
EUR cash deposits through Citadele bank’s ATM to accounts of payment cards issued by Citadele bank per months to accounts of payment cards issued by Citadele bank per month Up to 10 000, 00 EUR per month free of charge / exceeding 10 000,00 0,2% of amount
Other fees not mentioned in the price list Based on mutual agreement between the customer and the Citadele bank
Maintenance of inactive customer’s account5 or account without active card attached (starting from second year after card’s expiry)6 10 EUR per month
  • 1 Fee is applied to the following type of documents: attorneys, references, certificates of inheritance.
  • 2 The fee shall be payable before the verification carried out by the bank and before the bank's decision on starting business relationship with the customer.
  • 3 Following types of references are considered as non-standard references: reference stating that customer does not have consumer lending obligations, references about terms of a payment account attached to an account (active/closed), non-existence of credit obligations, account balance and ID document information, information for controllers/auditors, confirmation of auditor requests and reconciliation statements and issuance of a copy of documents from the archive and other references with additional information, that are not mentioned as standard references. If the document must be notarized, the customer additionally pays the actual expenses of notary services.
  • 4 The following types of references are considered as standard references: reference about account balance, account existence/credit limit applied to account/active payment cards linked to account, positive account balance, term deposit agreement, account closure (undated), equity capital payment (or increase), outstanding consumer loan balance (private individuals), outstanding balance of a particular debt in accordance with a debt repayment agreement, credit card balance. This fee also applies for preparation of a SWIFT copy of the sent payment order. If the document must be notarized, the customer additionally pays the actual expenses of notary services.
  • 5 Starting from second year since last customer’s initiated transaction.
  • 6 If there have not been customer’s initiated transactions performed on the current account for more than 12 months and customer has no other contracts concluded with Citadele Bank.