Necessary documents for Renovation loan

For consideration of an application for a loan for improving the energy efficiency of an apartment building

  1. Loan application (The PDF document must be downloaded to a computer and the downloaded PDF document must be opened with, for example, Acrobat Reader DC)
  2. Borrower’slegal documents:
    — Articles of association and amendments thereof;
    — Representative's identification documents.
  3. Borrower’s financial documents:
    — Operative financial report with a description of  main items (incl. description of debtors and creditors);
    — Certificate issued by outsourced service providers (water supply and sewerage, heat supply, electricity, waste removal services) with regard to debts of the house to be renovated;
    Information on building management payment discipline for the last 12 months.
  4. Other essential information:
    — List of the house apartment owners;
    — House Management Agreement with apartment owners or similar document;
    — Decisions of the general meeting of apartment owners and other necessary documentation.
    — Contracts concluded with suppliers (builders, construction supervisors, author supervisors, equipment suppliers, etc.).
  5. The Bank has received an supplemented form from ALTUM “Paziņojums Granta apmēra noteikšanai”.  


* Borrower – the legal entity that has been authorised by apartment owners to implement the project and enter into agreements.