Trading platform

Trading platform is available in 2 versions:

  • Mobile application “Handy Trader” for smartphones and tablets under Android or iOS system;
  • Software for computers operating under Windows, Mac OS X or Linux system.

Mobile application Handy Trader

Application is available at Google Play and App Store sites

Handy Trader app installation instructions (Android)
Handy Trader app installation instructions (iOS)

Trading platform for computers

  • Trading platform is available here.
  • Follow installation instructions at given site.
  • To use trading platform computer version You will have to install and activate on Your mobile device “HandyKey” application, an element of Secure Login System*.

Application “HandyKey” is availabvle at Google Play and App Store sites

HandyKey app installation instructions (Android)
HandyKey app installation instructions (iOS)

Secure Login System (SLS) relies on Two-Factor Authentication and virtually eliminates the possibility of anyone other than you accessing your account.
After SLS activation platform access will be possible only with Two-Factor Authentication with two security elements:
1) combination of username and password;
2) mobile application generated random, single-use security code.