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How can we help with operations in ATM?

Cash withdrawal from an ATM

To withdraw cash from an ATM, enter your card into the card slot on the ATM. 

Select your language

and enter the PIN code for your card. 

Select one of the cash amounts

or press Other Amount to select the amount you wish to withdraw.




You can withdraw any amount from €10 that divides by 10, taking into account your own cash withdrawal limits. You can view the standard cash withdrawal limits here.
If €10 notes have run out, the ATM will notify what number it must be divisible by in order for it to be able to issue the correct sum.  
ATMs issue €10, €20 and €50 notes. However, no more than 50 banknotes at a time. 

When you have selected your withdrawal sum, select whether you would like to receive a receipt confirming your transaction. 

Wait a few seconds while the ATM counts your money. 

Before taking your money, don’t forget to take your card. The ATM will warn you about this and display a notification on its screen. 

When your money has been counted, the ATM will issue the amount you requested, displaying a notification on the screen. Don’t forget to take the cash and check whether you have been given the correct amount.

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