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How do I install the Citadele app if I have an Android phone?

To download the Citadele app, download it from Google Play: open Google Play and search “Citadele Mobile App”. 

1. Open the Citadele app and select Log in.

2. Enter your Online banking username and password, and press Continue.

If you can't remember your username, take a look here.
If you do not remember your Online banking password and you have another authorization device (code card or code calculator), take a look here.

For more convenient use of the application, we advise to install MobileSCAN authorization, see the activation guide here.

Citadele mobile application may be downloaded to multiple mobile devices. MobileSCAN can be activated on up to three devices.

Most common problems when installing the Citadele app on an Android device: 

Problem: Cannot find the app on Google Play. 
Solution: Check what version of the operating system your device has. The Citadele app is available on Android starting from version 5.0. If a system update is available, update your system to the latest available version. If you have a device with an operating system older than 5.0, you unfortunately will be unable to use the Citadele app - the app contains functions which do not work or work incompletely on older operating systems, why is why we don’t offer it. 

Problem: App won’t download - I press Install, but nothing happens. 
Solution: Follow the recommendations given here

Problem: The app starts downloading, but the process stops and the app is not downloaded.
Solution: Follow the recommendations given here

Problem: The app has no Update button, but I know an update is available. 
Solution: Sometimes, the Update button appears when you open the app in Google Play.

The app does not support Google Play (e.g. Huawei P40, Windows)
If you have a smartphone which does not support Google Play (such as Huawei P40), you will be unable to use the Citadele app and its benefits. You can use the Citadele online bank in a browser with a code card or code calculator (MobileSCAN will also not work). For your convenience, you can also create a shortcut to the Citadele online bank on your phone screen: open, click on Online Bank, and in your browser settings select Add to Start Page. This will help you access the online bank more conveniently from your phone, as our website icon will be on your phone screen. Bear in mind that this will take you to the online bank, and the mobile app functions will not be available.

Look here, if you have problems with accessing Mobile App (like, user not identified, identification not permitted and other)

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