SMS bank instructions of use

Connect. Activate. Use.

After conclusion of SMS bank contract in Online banking or bank Citadele branch, initially you have to activate SMS bank - by sending SMS ON XXXX, where XXXX is the 4 digit activation code stated in the contract, to number +371 29 300 300.

When Citadele SMS bank is activated, you can do changes in settings of SMS bank in Online banking, by indicating:

  • for incoming and/or outgoing transactions you want to receive messages,
  • amount of transaction,
  • if you wish to send request messages about the balance in account/card,
  • if you wish always to include balance info in tansaction messages.
BAL Balance in all registered customer accounts
BAL XXXXXX Balance in specific accounts, whitch number contains digits XXXXXX. Example: BAL 123456
BAL KONTA_NUMURS VALŪTA Balance in specific account and specific currency. Example: BAL LV95PARX1234567890123 EUR
CARDBAL Available balance in all cards
CARBAL KARTES_NUMURS Available balance in a specific card, by indicating full card number or the last 4 card number digits. Example: CARDBAL 7896
OFF Turn off SMS bank for a time period
OFF XXXXXX Example: OFF 123456 For a time period close SMS bank to those accounts whose number contains digits XXXXXX
INFO or I Receive contact information of bank Citadele
HELP or ? Receive information about SMS bank commands


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