Update for GO3 calculator users

From September 14th, 2019, the GO3 code calculator will become even more secure. From that date, for specific operations on the online bank or mobile app, such as payments to other banks, you will have to enter an authorisation code in addition to the code from the calculator. We will send this in a free text message to the phone number you have submitted to us through our online bank.

What will the bank’s SMS look like?

The additional code sent via text will consist of 5 numbers, and will only be valid for that particular transaction.

For phone numbers registered in Latvia, we will also include information about the transaction to be made in the SMS. If this is a payment, the text will show the amount and recipient’s account number.

How will it work?

When you confirm the transaction, you will see spaces for entering two codes.

Wait for the SMS from the bank (if you don’t receive this within 1 minute, a “Send SMS again” button will appear on the online bank or mobile app) and enter the code into the correct space.

In the next space, enter the code from your GO3 calculator.

Ensure that the correct transaction information is displayed both in the SMS and on the online bank or mobile app screen.

If everything is correct, enter the code and finish the transaction. If the information doesn’t match, call us at 67010000 immediately.    


We will send you the authorisation code via text message as soon as you get to the transaction confirmation step, where you previously entered just the code from the GO3 calculator. If you do decide to change the transaction, such as by changing the recipient’s account number or the amount to be sent, you will be sent a new code, and the previous code will no longer be valid. If you only change the information seen by the recipient (payment details), a new SMS will not be sent. Therefore, if you have changed the recipient’s account number and/or payment amount, ensure you use the new code.

To ensure a smooth transaction and that we are able to send you text messages containing a code, please check that you have registered your current correct phone number.

If you have not yet registered your mobile number by September 14th, 2019 (which can be done through the online bank at Parameters > Contact information), the use of the online bank and app with the GO3 calculator will be limited (you will only be able to make limited payments to other banks; you will be unable to sign contracts or letters to the bank; you will be unable to change your client data). To ensure you can continue using your code calculator, you must call 67010000 or, if you can’t identify yourself over the phone, you must go to your nearest Citadele branch or client service centre with your ID to register your phone number.

If you represent a legal person, you can change the user phone number at your closest Citadele branch, by calling 67010000 and identifying yourself, or by sending a request through the online bank before September 14th, 2019, at Contact bank → Instructions for the bank.

Important! If you have GO3 and the Citadele app, you will have to update the app in September 2019!